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Hey Everyone

We just wanted to give a quick update on all things Foundry. 

Firstly, Foundry’s vision to activate and empower creative communities through education and industry collaboration remains as strong as ever. We’re working hard on Foundry’s next offering in Tasmania and beyond and hope to have more details to share with you in 2024.

You can stay in the loop on all things Foundry over at the New Creative blog

We appreciate the excitement of the Foundry community and local aspiring creatives regarding what we’re doing next and look forward to sharing plans with you all shortly.

The Foundry Team

Where University and Industry meet for the New Creative.

Foundry provides a space for learners, industry, and accredited education partners to interact and form vibrant creative communities.

We partner with best-practice education providers and leading local and national industry professionals, with an aim to elevate the student learning experience and assist creatives in turning their creative aspirations into a career.