About Scope

Brought to you by Foundry, Scope is a photography field trip designed to give you experience and exposure in the photography industry. Through collaborative excursions and industry mentors, you are given the opportunity to spend the day or night as a professional photographer. Scope will take your photography to the next level.

Professional Mentors

Scope gives you access to professional mentors who are all working in the photography industry. Our mentors not only provide technical and creative tips but also a window into the professional photography world. Have a question about becoming a professional photographer? Looking for a helpful contact? Our mentors are open and willing to help with invaluable advice.

Shoot & Edit

Scope is designed to cover the two most prominent aspects of photography; shooting and editing. 

During the first portion of the field trip, you will head out (or in) with our mentors to take photos. Our mentors will be on-hand to help you with both the technical aspects of shooting and also to give hints and advice on how to compose a shot. We then head back to the Foundry Campus and our mentors run an editing workshop to help with workflow and photo editing techniques.

Scope Styles

Scope covers many of the main styles of photography. We have run Scope field trips for event photography, product photography, landscape, portraiture and night photography. Into the future Scope hopes to run field trips on both similar and new styles including adventure, architecture, sports, social, documentary and more.

Join Us

Keen to participate in a Scope field trip? Check above for upcoming trips. We look forward to meeting you!

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