Chapter One: The Wild

The Wild is an alternative to a gap year that acts as a six-month bridging course. Designed to help you trial different pathways and creative disciplines before committing to one, The Wild is a mix of workshops, formal lessons and self discovery. It’s quite literally a new way of doing education.

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Chapter Two: July 2017

The Wild is only chapter one of your higher education journey. It leads directly into multiple creative associate degrees backed by Australian universities. Welcome to chapter two.

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Enter The Wild in 2017 to start your journey.

Enter The Wild in 2017

Scope Photography Field Trips

Scope is an event designed to give you experience and exposure in the photography industry. Through professional client briefs, collaborative excursions and industry mentors you are given the opportunity to spend the day as a professional photographer.

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The Divide

Every field has its divide. Whether it be digital and print; UX and aesthetic; strategy and actionability. It’s how you cross this divide that can make or break an enterprise. The Divide 2017 will be a study of the divide between Creation & Curation.

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Foundry Direct

Foundry Direct is a new type of corporate training for regional business, offering both accredited and non-accredited industry courses, workshops and services.

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