2018 Pathways

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is for the problem solver who’s an artist at heart. It is for those who believe you should judge a book by its cover and who choose their cereal based on how cool the box looks. Graphic design allows you to push your creative limits and explore the world's problems through design thinking and artistic skills. 

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Digital Media & UX

Digital Media & UX is for the closet psychologist who needs a creative outlet. It requires someone willing to practice empathy and not only place themselves solidly in the mind of the consumer, but also translate that experience into a digital solution. If you want to make something beautiful while also developing the coded process behind the beauty, then this may be the pathway for you.

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Interior Design

Interior Design is for the space curator who sees the whole picture. It requires a willingness to walk around in the shoes of others and work to solve real human problems in a physical and experiential way. It is for the detail oriented, the big picture thinker, the placemaker and the emotionally intelligent. Most importantly, Interior Design is about understanding and manipulating the feeling, emotion and purpose of a space.

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Content Writing

Content Writing is for the natural wordsmith looking for a story to tell. It’s for the empath, the sharer of knowledge and opinions, the pun-lover, the witty communicator, the purveyor of colourful descriptions. It requires a willingness to play the mediator between a brand and the audience, the ability to translate complex ideas simply and the tools to communicate in a way that puts the audience top of mind.

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Film & Photography

Film & Photography is for the storyteller obsessed with capturing unique perspectives. It is for those who know the power of subtle details and who are willing to experiment to push the limits of visual communication. Beyond this, it requires a willingness to become a little consumed with the form itself — whether as a film buff, TV addict, or photoblog lurker.

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The Foundry Model

The Wild

Every Foundry creative starts their journey in The Wild. Making up the first 6 months of your 2 year pathway, it’s your time to try a range of fields, get a solid grounding in creative thinking and decide which creative discipline ignites your passion most.

Specialised Skills

Your learning is divided into two ‘tracks’: specialised skills and universal thinking. After your first 6 months, you choose which specialisation pathway you’ll focus on from those below. The skills track gives you the chance to get nerdy and learn the skills you need to excel in your chosen pathway.

Universal Thinking

We love learning all-of-the-skills. But theory is also important to becoming a well-rounded professional creative. The thinking track focuses on the universal thinking and theory that ties creative industries together, with a focus on collaboration and transferrable skills.


Industry Guests

During your time at Foundry, you’ll benefit from our industry guests as part of our Season Pass program. We fly leading national creatives to Tasmania to speak to our students. Here are just some of our previous guests.

Enquiries now open for our July intake

Limited seats available. Register your details today and a member of our team will be in touch. 

Enquiries now open for our July intake

Limited seats available. Register your details today and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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