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Interior Design is for the space curator who sees the whole picture. It requires a willingness to walk around in the shoes of others and work to solve real human problems in a physical and experiential way. It is for the detail oriented, the big picture thinker, the placemaker and the emotionally intelligent. Most importantly, Interior Design is about understanding and manipulating the feeling, emotion and purpose of a space.

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts

People are so preoccupied with what they are doing, why they are doing it and with whom that they rarely stop to think about the where. Whether it’s their office, school, or even their homes, humans spend 93% of their lives indoors interacting with spaces that can either enhance or detract from their experience of everyday life. This is the often invisible realm of the Interior Designer.

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Going Out In Style

While architects make beautiful boxes, interior design is about making those spaces work aesthetically and functionally. From acoustics, to lighting, customer retention and pedestrian flow — interior designers pull it all together, while also considering trends, personal style and the client’s needs for the space. Interior designers need to curate spaces that feel simultaneously fresh and timeless.

About this Pathway

The Foundry Approach

Our pathways are made up of two distinct tracks of learning: skills and thinking. The skills track allows you to get super nerdy by immersing you in the specialised skills needed to excel in your discipline and the thinking track focuses on the universal thinking and theory that ties creative industries together.

Interior Design Skills

Covering the three key areas of decoration (and styling), residential and commercial interiors will give you the ability to meaningfully change behaviours within a space. Using CAD software to produce detailed plans and concepts you’ll understand the emotional emphasis we put on colours and how lighting can affect moods and productivity. Before you finish you’ll also get to play in the VR space, bringing your interiors to the digital realms. 

Universal Thinking

You’ll learn critical design thinking, collaborative practice and problem solving in order to tackle any problem you’re faced with. You’ll understand consumer behaviour and how to affect change through strategic thinking models. Most importantly you’ll learn how communicate your vision to other industries, so your ideas can become reality.

Your Pathway Starts in The Wild

The Wild is the first six months of a two-year creative pathway. Here you will learn the foundations that you need to succeed in creative industries while tasting your career options. For those who know what they want to do, and those who haven’t quite figured it out yet, The Wild is the starting point for every Foundry creative.

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Industry Guests

During your time at Foundry, you’ll benefit from our industry guests as part of our Season Pass program. Every month we fly national guests to Tasmania to speak to our students about their experiences as working creatives. Outrageous? Perhaps to others. But to us it’s a must-have part of the Foundry experience? Absolutely.  

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We have put together an experience packed with opportunities to go exploring, meet with friends, get creative and taste your career options. Download the brochure for all the details.

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Apply for Interior Design

Applications for our February 2018 Intake are now open, with limited seats per Pathway. Once you apply our team will be in contact to see if you qualify to receive an offer. It's that easy.

Apply for Interior Design

Applications for our February 2018 Intake are now open, with limited seats per Pathway. Once you apply our team will be in contact to see if you qualify to receive an offer. It's that easy.

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