From the beginning, Foundry has always recognised that the creatives that do best in industry are those that can immediately demonstrate their “toolkit” of skills as soon as they set foot in a studio, or begin work for their first freelance client. 

Foundry Academy* allows us to offer fully accredited training, while working with industry experts in the fast-paced, industry-based creative education environment to ensure our content remains as up-to-date and aligned with industry needs as possible. 


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Testamur Fraud Prevention

Foundry Academy has implemented a number of fraud prevention strategies on all student testamur documentation. This includes use of an embossed seal, individualised document numbers and watermarks on all documentation. 

Parties wishing to verify testamur documentation should contact us at 0499 927 598.


Referral Agents and Partners

Foundry Academy may access the services of referral agents or partners from time to time in delivery of high quality course services. Wherever third parties support services delivery, Foundry Academy remains responsible for the quality of training and assessment provided and for the issuing of all qualifications and statements of attainment. 

Please refer to our Schedule of Referral Agents & Third Party Partners

Credit Agreements Register

Foundry Academy does not currently have any fixed credit agreements in place with any other institution.

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