The Foundry Pathway

Creative education, the Foundry way

The Foundry Pathway is taught via two key ‘tracks’ - Universal Thinking and Specialised Skills. These tracks teach the theory and technical skills involved in the key creative disciplines we offer. Kicking off in The Wild (the first 6 months of any Foundry Pathway), this unique model focuses on teaching the most up-to-date and relevant industry skills, - developed in consultation with industry to keep it fresh - alongside key ways of thinking and tackling problems that will set you up for success in your own specialisation and beyond.

What Makes a Pathway?

Start In
The Wild

Learn to Think
Like a Creative

Choose Your

Interact With
The Best

Dig Deeper
In Co-Lab

The Wild

Building your creative foundations 

The Wild is the first 6 months of the Foundry Pathway. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals in design and start to practise applying this thinking to real life problems. It’s also your chance to get a taste of a range of creative fields and get your head around Foundry’s culture and our education model: industry relevant content taught by professional creatives in campuses modelled on studio environments.

The Wild Modules

Universal Thinking

The creative’s common language 

Universal Thinking is taught throughout your Foundry Pathway, right from your first day of The Wild. We have carefully selected the most important and relevant elements of design thinking, alongside examples of how to apply this thinking to do what creatives need to do best - solve problems. Universal Thinking is also the “common language” of creatives. You’ll need to be able to communicate concepts, ideas, briefs and rationales to other creatives and industry professionals - the Thinking track teaches you how.

Thinking Modules

Specialised Skills

Tools to make your passion a career

Your Specialisation is the creative field you want to focus on. Skills are a core element of your specialisation. They’re the tools you’ll need to learn to apply your thinking. You’ll learn a range of both technical and practical skills which help to get you “job ready” by the time you finish - everything from being able to quickly decide which element of which software program you should be using to tackle a design challenge to how to turn an idea for a passion project into a business reality.

Mid-Year Specialisations

Industry Guests

Leading creatives tell it like it really is

Our Guest Speaker Program Foundry Live brings some of the nation’s (and sometimes the world’s) leading creatives direct to you, live on campus. They’ll share the reality of what it’s like to turn your chosen creative discipline into a successful and rewarding career. They’re not shy about sharing the challenges they’ve faced and super open to connecting with Foundry creatives after the event. Many of our creatives have forged ongoing connections, and even work experience opportunities through meeting our speakers. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Foundry Live

2018 Guests


Van Amerongen







Applied Collaboration

Where the action happens 

Co-Lab is a cornerstone element of the Foundry Pathway. We dedicate both time and a whole campus space to this element of your learning. Designed to mimic the lightly structured environment of a working creative studio - where interactions are encouraged and problems are solved in a group environment - this is where, guided by your Co-Lab Mentor you can work on assessments, get help or advice or dive a little deeper into an element of your studies which has really ignited your creative juices. Or simply throw on your noise-proof headphones and take the time for some serious one-on-one time with your passion project.

Why Co-Lab?

2019 Applications Opening Soon

Applications for our 2019 Intake are opening soon! To ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest Foundry news and info, leave your details below.

2019 Applications Opening Soon

Applications for our 2019 Intake are opening soon! To ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest Foundry news and info, leave your details below.

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