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Foundry Short Courses focus on teaching and developing specialised skills from the ground up. Covering the basic technical skills involved in a variety of creative fields, this is the perfect solution if you're wanting to explore creativity and your passions, or if you're a professional wanting to learn an entirely new skillset to boost your career.

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Personal Learning Mentor

Over a period of 8 sessions you’ll have direct access to a Learning Mentor to assist you through every step of your creative journey. Your mentor comes with a wealth of experience and can offer real world examples and guidance with all components of the course.

In a highly supported environment, you’ll learn the fundamentals and key principles of your chosen field, gain hands-on skills and discover how to apply your learnings to any industry. 

Now Available in 2021

Graphic Design

Do you know the difference between a logo, an identity and a brand? In our Graphic Design intro course we’ll introduce you to the basics of brand and show you how to roll out your own across multiple platforms and media. We’ll also explore the processes that professional graphic designers follow in order to build award winning concepts and outcomes.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to produce a range of products from logos to posters to discovering how text, colour and image work together.

Topics Covered:

Adobe Illustrator basics, design process, design principles, design thinking, pictograms, word marks and monograms, typography, poster design, presentation skills, logos and more.

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This unit is a wonderful introduction to how the twin roles of copywriting (words) and art directing (images) work together. We look at the psychology of layout and how viewers take in information, inserting subtle nudges to encourage action. We’ll identify buyer behaviours and introduce the various forms of advertising.

At completion of this unit you’ll have all the skills to bring together an advertising concept, lay it out and produce high quality ads, ready to distribute to media and customers alike.

Topics Covered:

Adobe InDesign basics, advertising process, key elements and principles of design, layout for print and digital, copywriting + persuasive writing, art direction, concept presentation, mock-up and in-situ examples, media buying, psychology of advertising and more.

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This unit is dedicated to revealing the processes and theory the professionals follow to ensure every snap becomes worthy of being shared. We’ll look at the fundamentals of DSLRs, the power of the phone-camera and how to plan a photography shoot using basic techniques and theory. We’ll also explore how to get the shot in-camera, but also how to improve it in post-production.

This is a great way to build, evolve and improve your photography game, add to existing skills or set up a more focused career.

Topics Covered:

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop basics, DSLR controls, lenses and settings, editing techniques, colour theory, exposure + composition, theory of light and optical principles, storage techniques, tips on becoming a professional photographer and more.

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Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt comfortable? That you understood the theme and context, and therefore the expectations of how you should act in that space? An interior designer's role is to approach space with the user's experience in mind. It's all about understanding what is needed from specific spaces and how they can communicate subtle messages to relax, focus, or energise the key-users.

This is a great way to find out more about Interior Design, and discover how you could turn your passion into a career.

Topics Covered:

SketchUp basics, design process, elements and principles of design, concept journaling, mood boards, drawing for senses, model making, orthographic drawing, perspective drawing, design plans and documentation.

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Industry Profile

Andrew Hochradel is your industry tutor for Graphic Design and Advertising.

He's a brand identity designer from the US who uses his unique perspective to create visual systems and branding that is sustainable, innovative, and engaging. Beyond his extensive experience and portfolio of work, he is also a regular presenter and mentor for Adobe, meaning there are few people going around more qualified to teach you the Adobe suite.

Set Your Study Pace

The pace of your life constantly changes, so why can’t the pace of your learning?

Our Short Courses can be turned up and down to suit the realities of the world around you, that’s why we set an eight week window for completion of each course. This equates to a minimum of 3 hour per week commitment - but it's up to you if you want to move through the learning quicker or take a break when you need one. It's your study, so you decide.

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