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Foundry Short Courses focus on teaching and developing specialised skills from the ground up. Covering the basic technical skills involved in a variety of creative fields, each short course is designed to provide relevant hands-on skills - taught by teachers who are also successful working creatives.

Each Short Course is a 10-week single module with no prior learning required. So whether you’re changing careers, looking to enhance your current skill-set, or you’ve just left school and want to taste-test a creative field, our Short Courses are designed to help you do just that.

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On Offer In Term Two 2020

Social Media

Most of us use social media every day in a very passive way. This module looks at the mechanics of the popular platforms and teaches engagement strategies that drive interaction and build a following.

Podcasting & Promotion

Conducting interviews is not only a great source of primary research but it can also become the final product. In this module we experiment with podcasting and video promotion, formats that continue to break growth records — Apple recently reported it had over 30 million episodes listed. You can get podcasts on current affairs, cleaning your house or niche topics like table-top gaming. What will yours be about?

PR & Advertising

We explore copywriting and how it communicates a message through traditional print and digital media,  highlighting key features and benefits to the consumer. This module further addresses how image and text work together, supporting each other rather than mimicking.

Support Your Learning In Co-Lab

Co-Lab is a cornerstone element of studying at Foundry. We dedicate both time and a whole campus space to this element of your learning. Designed to mimic the lightly structured environment of a working creative studio - where interactions are encouraged and problems are solved in a group environment - this is where, guided by your Co-Lab Mentor you can work on assessments, get help or advice or dive a little deeper into an element of your studies which has really ignited your creative juices.

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