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Foundry Short Courses focus on teaching and developing specialised skills from the ground up. Covering the basic technical skills involved in a variety of creative fields, each short course is designed to provide relevant hands-on skills - taught by teachers who are also successful working creatives.

Each short course is a 10 week single module with no prior learning required. All courses are specifically designed at the beginner level - to provide the perfect option for delving straight into a passion project, upskilling or learning an entirely new skill-set.

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This photography beginner class is where you’ll learn and gain a solid understanding of DSLR cameras and Adobe Photoshop for post-production. It’s here that you’ll understand how to achieve great looking shots every time by discovering how to enhance and manipulate digital images. You’ll discover the types and functions of digital cameras and lenses as well as delving into the role of movement and framing.

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Video Production

Video production teaches you how to establish a workflow for shooting, editing and releasing content using software such as Adobe Premier. It’s here that you’ll look at how visuals, sound, graphics and animation work together and learn to understand the key tools and equipment used in digital production and editing.

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Digital Effects

Introducing visual effects and motion graphics can make all the difference to your work. The digital effects course will ensure your video content stands out from the crowd by covering the basics of Adobe After Effects. It’s here that you’ll learn how to create 3D titles and explore the use of 3D text in film and TV.

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Web Design

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make the web go round. During this web design course we’ll show you the basics of responsive coding, HTML formatting and CSS. Learn how to use coding to make a basic website structures, understand the terminology and discover the world of responsive design.

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