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Film & Photography is for the storyteller obsessed with capturing unique perspectives. It is for those who know the power of subtle details and who are willing to experiment to push the limits of visual communication. Beyond this, it requires a willingness to become a little consumed with the form itself — whether as a film buff, TV addict, or photoblog lurker. Film & Photography walks the line between keeping out of the way and directing people to achieve beautiful results and provides an amazing career for those willing to put in the hard work.

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Capture a Fresh Perspective

It’s not an understatement to say the screen has come to rule our lives. We now have access to an exponentially increasing library of content, accessible at any time, on any device — and it’s being consumed en masse. The screen world is a content hungry beast:  budgets are high and expectations for quality content are even higher. This can make the film and television industries seem tough to break into. Surprisingly, amid all this, more space is still emerging for small independent filmmakers.

Develop Your Style

It seems as if every second person these days claims to be a photographer. Photos taken with smartphone cameras are becoming mostly indistinguishable from those taken with their highly priced analog and digital counterparts. It’s nearly impossible to enter the industry as ‘just’ a photographer. Studios are looking for multi-skilled creatives and photography is now an expectation of industry as just one among a range of key skillsets. For this reason you’ll learn to go beyond the camera by expanding on the single frame and using film to support and tell more engaging, dynamic stories.

Industry Guests

During your time at Foundry, you’ll benefit from our industry guests as part of our Foundry LIVE creative day conferences. We frequently fly national guests to Tasmania to speak to our students about their experiences as working creatives. Outrageous? Perhaps to others. But to us it’s a must-have part of the Foundry experience? Absolutely.

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Co-Lab is a cornerstone element of studying at Foundry. We dedicate both time and a whole campus space to this element of your learning. Designed to mimic the lightly structured environment of a working creative studio - where interactions are encouraged and problems are solved in a group environment - this is where, guided by your Co-Lab Mentor you can work on assessments, get help or advice or dive a little deeper into an element of your studies which has really ignited your creative juices.

Undecided on your creative journey?

The Wild is a 6-month creative foundation program where you’ll gain an understanding of key creative fields as well as the fundamental skills and thinking needed to become a successful creative.

You can either use these skills and your qualification to kick-start a change of direction, implement what you’ve learnt in your current position, or take the next step and complete a Foundry Specialisation.

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We have put together an experience packed with opportunities to go exploring, meet with friends, get creative and taste your career options. Download the brochure for all the details.

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Enquire for our July 19 Intake

Are you thinking of kick-starting your creative education in July? Simply fill out your details and our team will be in touch.

Enquire for our July 19 Intake

Are you thinking of kick-starting your creative education in July? Simply fill out your details and our team will be in touch.

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