Introducing The Wild

The Wild is the first six months of a two-year creative career pathway. Here you will learn the foundations that you need to succeed in creative industries while tasting your career options. For those who know what they want to do, and those who haven’t quite figured it out yet, The Wild is the starting point for every Foundry creative student. 

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The first six months of your two-year journey

Creative foundations

We strongly believe that all creative fields share a common core set of skills that are fundamental to working within the industry. The Wild sets the groundwork to teach you the foundational skills in creative thinking, design, and business, to ensure you can move confidently into anything from creative writing, to hospitality and events.

Backed by universities

The Wild is backed and accredited by Australian universities. This means that students entering The Wild will be studying subjects designed, developed and delivered by Foundry, all while receiving full vocational and university credit and qualifications, awarded directly through our partners.

Studio class sizes

Tailored around creative studio environments, Foundry tutorial classes consist of 14 students. Beyond this we have designed our guest lectures around industry conferences and ensured learning experiences that model the ‘coworking’ movement being utilised by modern freelancers.

National speakers

Every Wednesday in The Wild there will be a new national guest speaker sharing their insights with students. This means that once a week students gain access to top Australian creatives who are leaders in their field both nationally and globally. All students in The Wild will gain intimate access to global creative leaders who have worked with the likes of Google, Nike, Sonos and more.

Industry teachers

Industry is at the heart of Foundry’s educational design and to ensure that our course accurately represents industry, we ensure that our teachers are also still active creatives. From studio art directors to freelancers working with international clients, at Foundry your education is informed by the reality of industry on a daily basis. 

Your journey into a creative field

For all the benefits a gap year gives you, it’s surprising how little you’ll have to show for it at the end. The Wild breaks the mould by not only building in a Certificate III of Design Fundamentals awarded by TasTAFE but also four subjects from a university awarded Associate Degree, that allows you to continue your studies into your specialisation without losing any time.

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National speakers in The Wild

Christopher Doyle

Creative Director - Christopher Doyle & Co.

Clients include: Chet Faker, Spotify, The Jezabels

Gemma O’Brien


Clients include: Nike, Qantas, Diet Coke, Troye Sivan, Monster Children, Volcom, Oreo

Frankie Ratford

Founder - The Design Kids

Spread TDK love in: USA, Europe, Canada, NZ

Matt Dobson

CCO - Savage Interactive

Procreate, Procreate Pocket

Matt Leach

Host of ADR

Worked with: Empty Magazine, AGDA, Desktop Magazine

Nick Hallam

Director - Joan

Worked with: Sex, Drugs & Helvetica, IDEO, Carter Digital

Mike Tosetto

Director - Never Sit Still

Clients include: Adobe, Ted X Sydney, Semi permanent, WWF

Education outcomes

  • Outcome 1 - Two-year creative pathway
    For the majority of students, The Wild exists as a foundational course that makes up the first six months of a two-year pathway. On completing The Wild students select their specialisation and continue for another 18 months at Foundry through an Associate Degree pathway accredited by a Foundry university partner.

  • Outcome 2 - Six-month exit
    For those just wanting to dip their toes in and trial some creative fields for six months and then continue onto work or other non-creative studies, The Wild is designed so students can exit at the six-month point and still receive their Certificate III in Design Fundamentals accredited by TasTAFE.

Download the brochure

We have put together an experience packed with opportunities to go exploring, meet with friends, get creative and taste your career options. Download the brochure for all the details including, fees, payment options, weekly commitment, activities and more. 

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What do students & industry have to say?

Foundry Student


"I couldn't recommend it highly enough to anyone. I know that the learning I am getting is first class compared to anyone else I know - so it's always going to be your best decision."

Foundry Students

Zoe & Oisin

"When you come to a space where everyone is doing a similar thing to you, you can collaborate and have that place to separate home and study. I think that’s really important.

Foundry Student


"If you were questioning yourself or not sure if this is what you wanted to do, I would say go for it anyway. The worst thing you can discover is that it's not your passion.."

Apply Now

Applying for The Wild takes only takes two minutes and it’s the only way to ensure you are in with a chance to enter The Wild with Foundry in 2017. If you are successful you will receive an offer within 48 hours.

Apply Now

Applying for The Wild takes only takes two minutes and it’s the only way to ensure you are in with a chance to enter The Wild with Foundry in 2017. If you are successful you will receive an offer within 48 hours.

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