Get The Foundations Right

The Wild is a 6-month creative foundation program where you’ll gain an understanding of key creative fields as well as the fundamental skills and thinking needed to become a successful creative.

You can either use these skills and your qualification to kick-start a change of direction, implement what you’ve learnt in your current position, or take the next step and complete a Foundry Specialisation.

A New Way To Learn

Whether you’re coming into Foundry after 12 years of education, or you’re ready to shift careers,  The Wild is built with these varied backgrounds in mind. We take time to introduce you to the Foundry model of learning before you embark on the rest of your 2 year journey. You’ll have time to get your head around how we do things: small class sizes, collaboration, up-to-date  content, teachers who work in their respective fields, and a strong intersect with industry. 

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Find Your Passion

You might know you are creative and that you can’t see yourself working a conventional job, or doing the same thing day in, day out. But what does that mean for your future? Your education so far may not have prepared you for career prospects in web, virtual reality, social media, design, emerging technology or many others. Not only do you need to trial all the creative disciplines, in many instances you may need to discover they exist. We have designed The Wild to showcase the full spectrum of creative pathways available to you so that you can trial them and move forward knowing where you want to specialise.

Six Months To Find What You Love

Creative Foundations

We strongly believe that all creative fields share a common core set of skills that are fundamental to working within the industry. The Wild lays the groundwork for your ongoing creative education and career path -  technical design skills, creative and critical thinking, and business & brand.

Foundry Experience, National Awards

When you study at Foundry, you study content designed and developed by Foundry, delivered in our campuses, taught by our expert teachers. Our content is aligned to awards from our university and vocational partners.

Studio Class Sizes

Tailored around creative studio environments, Foundry tutorial and workshop classes are kept small. Beyond this we have designed our guest lectures around industry conferences and ensured learning experiences that model the ‘co-working’ movement being utilised by modern freelancers.

National Speakers

Every season in The Wild brings a new set of national guest speakers sharing their insights with our creatives. This means that you'll gain access to top Australian creatives who are leaders in their field both nationally and globally. 

Industry Teachers

Industry is at the heart of Foundry’s educational design and to ensure that our pathways accurately represent industry, we ensure that our teachers are also still active creatives. From studio art directors to freelancers working with international clients, at Foundry your education is informed by the reality of industry on a daily basis. 

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Inspiration And Adventure

During your time in The Wild, and throughout your journey, you get access to our creative day conferences called Foundry LIVE. You’ll also get the chance to get inspired by your surrounds, during our Wild Adventure offerings - a range of out-of-campus experiences designed to ignite your creative juices among like-minded creatives. 

The Future Is Creative

Tasmania needs creatives and we want to make it as easy as possible to start exploring your future career options here in this beautiful state. For this reason, we've secured multiple subsidies for The Wild open to Tasmanian students. These subsidies enable eligible students to have full fees for The Wild subsidised. Chat to our admissions team for more information on eligibility.

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