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Rachel Tribout’s second children’s book will soon be in print. The Journey of Admiral Bolognaise is the sequel to The Monsters of Tasmania – an adventure of a book, rich with imagination and Rachel’s fun artwork that reveals a part of Tasmania you never knew existed. The France-born illustrator moved to Hobart six years ago after travelling the world and meeting her husband, Dan, while marooned here when funds dried up. “I thought Tassie would be a good place to slow down, a place I could easily explore, so getting a job and saving up in a quiet place seemed like a good plan.” They have since settled in a great, big house in Battery Point with their cat, Walnut. One wing of their home is for living, the other is for illustrating.

“Coming from France, Tasmania was a small paradise with a simple lifestyle, close to nature,” Rachel explains. Most of her time is consumed by her freelance illustration business – the stuff that pays the bills. But every other scrap of spare time is spent on her Captain Blueberry books. The Monsters of Tasmania introduces Captain Blueberry – a fierce female seafarer voyaging the state in search of these elusive creatures. The Journey of Admiral Bolognaise sees the ever-skeptical admiral (a red wolf) respond to a letter from Captain Blueberry regarding the monsters. His disbelief prompts him to set out on his own voyage of discovery, this time to Antarctica via Tasmania.

“It’s all based on the concept that, if you look at things the wrong way, you won’t find them. The way you think shapes your reality,” Rachel says. You’ll need to grab a copy yourself to discover the ending.


By Claire Van Ryn. Originally published in Lume Magazine Issue Three.

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